Our Vision

A Greener Oakville

Green Party Oakville’s vision is to elect “green” candidates to represent Oakville in Ottawa and Queens Park by facilitating and empowering the visions of the Green Party of Ontario and the Green Party of Canada. Our vision embraces the values and guiding principles of both our Green parties here in the Oakville electoral district.

Our Mission


Our duty is to listen and inform the members, residents and organizations of our district regarding the ongoing work of government at all levels. Through listening, we learn what concerns exist in our community while gaining an understanding of potential solutions. This understanding allows us to develop our policies from the ground up.

Speak Up

Once we have understanding, we speak up for residents and organizations that are not being heard. We participate through delegations to local, regional, provincial and federal assemblies to address issues that are important to our community. Through collective effort with all entities, we elevate matters to positively impact change.

Take Action

Together with the help of our members and community supporters, we stand up. We make a difference by participating in local community events that are aligned with our Green values and principles, such as meetings, debates, rallies, cleanups and tree plantings to name a few. By combining our efforts, we empower our community to nominate and run amazing “green” candidates.


People Powered Change

Our Green Vision for Ontario focuses on three pillars: Jobs. People. Planet.

Our goal is to build on the work people like you are already doing in your community, working to make positive change, overcoming social barriers and improving the health of each other and our planet.

Working together, we can build a future for our province that is good for us now and for generations to come.



We can kick-start local job creation by supporting cleantech innovation, living wages and fair taxes for small businesses. We can build and support a green middle class by embracing the growing clean economy, refocusing on local homegrown businesses, and making homes and childcare more affordable.


We can improve your health by preventing illness, not just treating it–providing more supports for mental health, primary and community care. We must make Ontario fair for everyone by fighting against systemic racism and sexism. And let’s make our democracy work for all citizens, not just the well-connected insiders.


We must defend the places we love on this planet. There is no Planet B. We can tackle climate change and build a new economy. We can reduce pollution and gridlock. We can protect our water and farmland.

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Be Daring

Our vision for Canada is rooted in six core values:

  • Social Justice
  • Ecological Wisdom
  • Respect for Diversity
  • Grassroots Democracy
  • Peace and non-Violence
  • Sustainability


Green Future

We have the chance of a lifetime to simultaneously tackle the climate crisis, while building a prosperous and sustainable economy for Canada.

Life with Dignity

The time for completing our social safety net has arrived: nobody in Canada should fall through the cracks when elected leaders can make a difference – this is our commitment to a Life with Dignity for all.

Just Society

True action towards reconciliation, dismantling systemic racism, diversity in politics – the time is now.

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